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A community for the self-educated.

Driven is a community of people who thrive with experience-based education. Rather than learning through multiple choice exams and a college textbook, Driven is a community that connects individuals who have learned their passion using the scientific method.

Driven is the focal point of all of these like-minded people to motivate each other to learn and explore new ideas. Every meetup recharges everyone with inspiration and motivation to learn more. We also have an engaging online community where people can post questions and share their latest project for feedback.

Everything about Driven is the way education should be. No matter the background, profession, or passion, these motivated individuals inspire each other to keep learning more.

How can I join Driven?

We’ve seen substantial growth and right now we have attendance available on an invite-only basis. As we get things organized, we may open up more invitations in the future. Best way to get an invite to one of our events is to attend as a guest of another member or sign up on our mailing list once more information becomes available.

What does Driven provide?

Driven keeps everyone connected and inspired by:

  • Having occasional in-person meetups about any creative topic
  • Keeping everyone in touch on an online forum
  • Hosting casual online Google Hangouts so we can have our friends across the globe stay in touch

How can I stay up to date with Driven’s latest updates?

Follow us on social media and sign up on our mailing list: